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The Duemila Ruote Auction


This fall, RM Sotheby’s will be offering one of the most eclectic and vast collections ever presented in the European market. Duemila Ruote (“2000 Wheels”) is a collection comprised of over 400 cars, hundreds of motorcycles and bicycles, dozens of boats and go-karts, and even a few bobsleds. Amidst the endless selection of vehicles, parts, and memorabilia, you will find a number of very special machines, some which had almost been forgotten by history when in fact they were being carefully maintained for decades in a small, Northern Italian city. The 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/6C Alloy has not been seen publically for decades, and it was driven only on the most special occasions. Even among its steel-bodied peers the car is a rarity, making it one of the best and most exciting 275 GTB coupés offered publically in many years. Hopping forward a few decades, an excellent example of the Ferrari F40 will also be available. One of the most loved Ferraris and the last to receive the blessing of Enzo Ferrari himself, the F40 has been a collectible since the moment it left the factory gates. Finally, the Maserati MC12 adds a modern flare to round out the collection. With only 50 produced as a homologation special based on the Ferrari Enzo platform, the MC12 is likely the most fun investment you will ever make. Click here to see some of the early highlights from the collection, and stay tuned as new cars will be added regularly.

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