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The 1930s at Hershey

The 1930s were a much simpler time for automobiles. Affordable cars of the era were stripped down to the bare necessities, and even the more grandiose marques were much more sedated in their use of chrome and brass. That is not to say they were anything short of elegant though, as you can see. Many designers and manufactures began to focus their attention on well-engineered and well-designed chassis and bodywork, as well as more powerful and efficient engines. The technological innovations made in the decade, coupled with the beautifully minimalistic and elegant designs, made the era a favorite for pre-war collectors and birthed some of the greatest and most sought-after cars of all time. Dozens of automobiles from the 1930s will be available in Hershey, from the most opulent to the workhorses found on farms and factories. Register to bid on these beautiful machines by clicking here.

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