• Duemila Ruote Highlights

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    The recently announced “Duemila Ruote” auction is full of hidden surprises—but there are a special few cars that stand out from the 800+ available lots. First and surely one of the highlights of the auction is the Ferrari 275 GTB/6C Alloy. The numbers-matching beauty hasn’t been seen...

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  • The Duemila Ruote Auction

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    This fall, RM Sotheby’s will be offering one of the most eclectic and vast collections ever presented in the European market. Duemila Ruote (“2000 Wheels”) is a collection comprised of over 400 cars, hundreds of motorcycles and bicycles, dozens of boats and go-karts, and even a few bobsleds....

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  • The 1930s at Hershey

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    The 1930s were a much simpler time for automobiles. Affordable cars of the era were stripped down to the bare necessities, and even the more grandiose marques were much more sedated in their use of chrome and brass. That is not to say they were anything short of elegant though, as you can see. Many...

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Who needs bathroom scales when there is the Goodwood Revival? Every year for the last 20 years, this nostalgic motor racing carnival, which is held in September in the delightful Sussex countryside, has served as my waistline check and stopped me from becoming quite as circular as I might otherwise

The London auction is now streaming live! Whether you want to bid or just love watching the auction, you can click here to follow along. It’s not too late to register either, so click here to get the ball rolling on the purchase of your dream car. No matter where you are in the world, …

It’s auction day in London, but it’s not too late to join the action. Follow the bidding live online by clicking here. If you would still like to bid from wherever you may be, you can register by clicking here. We have plenty of available bidding options, from over the phone to absentee to

London is just days away now, and the line-up is one of the best yet. The unique offerings from a wide variety of marques and eras make for an interesting catalogue and an even more interesting driving experience. From Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz to more unique offerings from

RM Sotheby’s London auction at the Battersea Evolution is just days away, giving us one last opportunity to feature some Italian aluminium and carbon fibre. This week’s Ferrari Friday features cars from several decades of the company’s history, a ’60s-era GT car, a sporty four-seater from

Nothing speaks to the overall enjoyability of a particular car than having stayed with a single owner for a long period of time. When an owner lives with an automobile for decades, it becomes a part of the family; it is loved and cared for. Many of these cars were purchased before they were

Two automobiles from one of America’s most beloved Classic marques will be available at RM Sotheby’s upcoming Hershey auction. The Duesenberg duo has been much loved throughout their nearly century-long history and is coming to offer after over five decades of single-family ownership. The

During the dawn of the 20th century, the place of the automobile in daily life was still being ironed out. They came in all shapes and sizes, and with no set design queues to draw from, they resembled horse-drawn carriages more than what we would recognize as a car today. There will be a small

The trident of the iconic Italian marque of Maserati will be proudly represented on the front of four beautiful classics in London. Each car represents a different evolution of and philosophy from the marque in the 1960s – some sporty, some for touring, and some for a top-down cruise along the

Ferrari will be well represented in London with no fewer than seven cars from the great Italian marque available. Ferrari built its reputation on the V-12 platform and today, four of those naturally aspirated beasts are featured below: two mid-engine and two front-engine. The 575 M and 250 GT