No matter what you drive or have a passion for, every gearhead has a soft spot for motorcycles. They are the purest connection between man and machine, with just an engine and two wheels between you and the road. From the seat of a motorcycle you can see, hear, and feel everything going on around

The 1930s were a much simpler time for automobiles. Affordable cars of the era were stripped down to the bare necessities, and even the more grandiose marques were much more sedated in their use of chrome and brass. That is not to say they were anything short of elegant though, as you can see. Many

It’s another Ford Friday, and there’s no weekend cruiser like a ’62 Thunderbird Convertible. This beauty is one of the highlights from the Ford offerings in Hershey, turning heads wherever it goes. In order to take this or any of the other available automobiles home to your garage, register

The 1920s were a time of opulence and wealth, and many of the era’s automobiles reflected just that. Their power—and their luxuries—became more refined, and the finishes and bodywork became more elegant. Many of the most memorable and iconic pre-war cars were created in this era, making it a


September 20, 2016

A Match Made in Stuttgart

The Porsche 356 was the car that helped the German automaker break onto the scene. As such, Porsche collectors are always on the...

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Though our Hershey auction may revolve around American classics, there is no shortage of overseas nuts and bolts in attendance. Germany, Japan, England, and more will be represented by the best they have to offer amongst hundreds of available motorcycles, cars, and automobilia. Check out all of the

The Hershey digital catalogue is now ready for you to flip through. This is your first chance to see all of this year’s cars together and to view their photos and descriptions in full. There are almost too many great cars to choose from this year with something for every collector. Sure to be one

Surrounded by the car parts at the swap meet, classic cars, and collectors from across the Northeast, there will be a group of great American automobiles that have withstood the test of time. Every American car lover will have a Ford story of their own, and the cars available in our Hershey auction

One of the joys of our Hershey auction is the variety of cars on offer every year. There are cars in every shape and size, from countries far and near, and in any color you could imagine. One shade you may see quite a bit this year is green. We have plenty of wonderful automobiles …

All of the beautiful automobiles you see here are close to, if not over, a century old. In the 1910s, automobile design was unhindered by red tape and regulations. Aerodynamics and performance did not play a significant role either, so builds set their eyes on the comfort and beauty of each model.