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Drivers Seat: with Alexander Weaver

The horsepower wars in the mid 2000’s played out most prominently in the supercar world where competitors battled it out with ever increasing speed and power. Nowhere was this battle more intense than between the Saleen S7, Ford GT and Lamborghini Murciélago. Each car breaks the 200 mph mark and each pushes out massive amounts of power. The Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 turns out a whopping 640hp and is fitted with the seldom seen six-speed manual transmission. The Ford GT’s growling V8 makes 550hp and is styled after its 1960’s predecessor. In the case of the Saleen S7, an impressive 850hp propels it to a mind-boggling 248mph. Though it seems the Saleen would be favourite on paper, it is much more track oriented than the Ford and Lamborghini, so it really comes down to personal taste when choosing between the three. Take a look as Car Specialist Alexander Weaver gives his opinion on these incredible supercars on offer at our Arizona auction.

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