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A Duesy Duo

Two automobiles from one of America’s most beloved Classic marques will be available at RM Sotheby’s upcoming Hershey auction. The Duesenberg duo has been much loved throughout their nearly century-long history and is coming to offer after over five decades of single-family ownership.

The iconic Model J is one of just three original examples built with Murphy Dual-Cowl Phaeton coachwork, making it an exceptional example among the already exceptional marque. Its original engine, chassis, body, and firewall make it a wonderfully pure and original motor car.

The prototype Model J body adorning the model A/Y Phaeton is one of the most important styling benchmarks in American automotive history and is certainly a piece of Duesenberg lore. This icon of a car will be offered from its owners of 59 years.

Click here to register to bid on these Duesies, come October 6th and 7th.

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